Nettle & Noodle Miso Soup

‘What’s a nettle?’ I hear half of you all ask. And that is fine, because if you live on the west side of the pond, you won’t have spent your entire childhood being haunted by the dastardly things. Whilst those of us on the east side can’t even conceive it would be possible to notContinue reading “Nettle & Noodle Miso Soup”

How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Risk Assessment (pt1)

(or for those of you who need a jazzier title:) How to let your kids decide for themselves if they’re going to die Plenty of you will be aware that your children have been attending forest school as part of their daily life in school. You may think it’s great or you may wonder whatContinue reading “How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Risk Assessment (pt1)”

Rainbow Collection Walk

In the depths of winter it’s easy to get bogged down by the greyness engulfing the world. It infiltrates the mind and soul and leads many to a profound sense of sadness. Which makes it the ideal time to put maximum effort into finding the glimpses of beauty and joy that are still hiding outContinue reading “Rainbow Collection Walk”

Shadow Tracing

The aim of this book is to get you outside and absorbing the beauty of the natural world. And shadow tracing is as peaceful and satisfying an activity as you could do on a sunny afternoon in a woodland glade. But luckily, it is also one of those activities that you can do in aContinue reading “Shadow Tracing”