How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Problem Solving (pt2)

(or for those of you who need a jazzier title:) How to encourage your kids to sort out their own junk so that you can drink your coffee in peace Nothing is filling my every waking thought like quite like problem solving is these days. Everywhere I look I’m seeing opportunities to encourage problem solving,Continue reading “How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Problem Solving (pt2)”

Ground Ivy Vedgeree

What are all of these words typed in close succession? I hear you ask. I get it. You’ve never heard of ground ivy and you’ve never heard of vedgeree, so how on earth can I reasonably expect you to eat either one of them. Let me start with the least contentious of the two: vedgereeContinue reading “Ground Ivy Vedgeree”

The time when nothing happens

It doesn’t seem to matter how long they’ve been coming to the woods, when children first arrive there is always a space of time where nothing happens. They sit, they wait, they hang on their parents’ shoulders. I worry that I’m not providing enough. The temptation at this point, is to start making suggestions, ‘whyContinue reading “The time when nothing happens”