How to screw the self-employed & make them thank you for it.

I’ve been doing some ‘back of the envelope’ calculations today. In fact, I’ve been doing back of the envelope calculations fairly consistently throughout the days for the past week now — so much so that I’ve actually run out of backs of envelopes and have moved onto using paper from the craft drawer. Anyway, theContinue reading “How to screw the self-employed & make them thank you for it.”

When good people turn violent

When I started using our little woodland for my fledgling forest school business, my youngest son couldn’t walk. He was potty trained there the day I forgot to bring spare nappies. Today he whittled a rudimentary weapon designed, but thankfully not sufficiently robustly, to puncture the tyres of the owners of our woodland. His bestContinue reading “When good people turn violent”

Stop fixing and start building

I have a friend who is deeply entrenched in the state school system. He firmly believes that the system that we have, being the system that we have, is the system within which he needs to prepare his socio-economically deprived cohort to function. And so he upholds the system, he tweaks what he delivers toContinue reading “Stop fixing and start building”

I heard you say ‘they’re just playing’

And you were right. They’re just playing. Because it is within their play that all of the worlds are explored, all of the fears are banished and all of their needs are communicated. It is in their play that they learn to negotiate, the importance of compromise and the impossibility of always getting their ownContinue reading “I heard you say ‘they’re just playing’”

It’s never about the cucumber

I read online about a mother who was at her wits end because her daughter was hysterical because she wasn’t allowed to get into the oven with the cupcakes they had just made. I have heard the screams of a child who, when presented with some cucumber sticks, simply cannot eat them because she onlyContinue reading “It’s never about the cucumber”