Encouraging Meaningful Engagement in Home Learners

First of all, I think we can all stop calling it ‘home schooling’ now. Most home educators don’t relate and pretty much every parent I know has finally reliased that teachers are the unsung heroes, that they all deserve a pay rise, that they’ve forgotten pretty much everything they learned in school and that whatContinue reading “Encouraging Meaningful Engagement in Home Learners”

Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation is a funny thing. Sometimes we feel like we’re filled with inspiration and an awareness of the things we need to do to get to where we want to go. Sometimes we just want to sit in our pjs and watch television. Some people are highly motivated by work, money and career success, theyContinue reading “Intrinsic Motivation”

Process Over Product

This is a concept that will not sit well with a lot of people who are used to the traditional system of getting good grades, landing that perfect job or finally getting to marry the woman of their dreams. Our society is so heavily entrenched both in setting our sights on and reaching goals thatContinue reading “Process Over Product”


In the 1960s, ‘parenting’ gained traction as a distinct concept rather than just a way to describe our progenitors. At that time various ‘styles’ of parenting were theorised including: authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Though in the 80s we had ‘neglectful’ added to that list, it’s not until fairly recently that a fifth option has begunContinue reading “Autonomy”

How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Problem Solving (pt2)

(or for those of you who need a jazzier title:) How to encourage your kids to sort out their own junk so that you can drink your coffee in peace Nothing is filling my every waking thought like quite like problem solving is these days. Everywhere I look I’m seeing opportunities to encourage problem solving,Continue reading “How to Develop a Forest School Mindset at Home: Problem Solving (pt2)”