Trust, not Timetables

Bin the covid-19 lock-down learning schedules and embrace your opportunity to find freedom I’ve been told by many friends over the years that I’m a ‘do-er’. Sometimes this is presented as a criticism by someone highly sceptical of the wisdom of always doing things. Sometimes it is said with wonder, and a bit of uncertainty,Continue reading “Trust, not Timetables”

When ashes are better than branches

One of the things that I love about my forest school is all of the unpredictable avenues of conversation that take place round the fire whilst the children are off doing Important Things. This week I met a mum who told a story that fitted in so well with my current educational worldview that itContinue reading “When ashes are better than branches”

When good people turn violent

When I started using our little woodland for my fledgling forest school business, my youngest son couldn’t walk. He was potty trained there the day I forgot to bring spare nappies. Today he whittled a rudimentary weapon designed, but thankfully not sufficiently robustly, to puncture the tyres of the owners of our woodland. His bestContinue reading “When good people turn violent”