Hey you with your $14 million boat

I’ve recently had a conversation with a person who shall remain nameless, who lives in a country which shall remain nameless. This guy is going to work every day, facing potentially-infected customers who he can’t turn away because no customers means no money and no money means no work. And he is doing his levelContinue reading “Hey you with your $14 million boat”

How to screw the self-employed & make them thank you for it.

I’ve been doing some ‘back of the envelope’ calculations today. In fact, I’ve been doing back of the envelope calculations fairly consistently throughout the days for the past week now — so much so that I’ve actually run out of backs of envelopes and have moved onto using paper from the craft drawer. Anyway, theContinue reading “How to screw the self-employed & make them thank you for it.”

The time when nothing happens

It doesn’t seem to matter how long they’ve been coming to the woods, when children first arrive there is always a space of time where nothing happens. They sit, they wait, they hang on their parents’ shoulders. I worry that I’m not providing enough. The temptation at this point, is to start making suggestions, ‘whyContinue reading “The time when nothing happens”