Rainbow Collection Walk

In the depths of winter it’s easy to get bogged down by the greyness engulfing the world. It infiltrates the mind and soul and leads many to a profound sense of sadness. Which makes it the ideal time to put maximum effort into finding the glimpses of beauty and joy that are still hiding out there in the natural world.

If you’re aiming high for your rainbow collection, a paper plate covered with double-sided sticky tape will make a perfect base for sticking on all of the treasures you find. But just filling your pockets as you go will still give you plenty of joy when you unpack it all at home.

Go for a walk in your usual forest spot and consider how grey, bare and bedraggled the world looks. Then you need to start looking low, looking high and looking in all of the nooks and crannies that your eye usually glances over without much thought. There you will find bright green moss, yellow leaves, orange seeds, purple berries and red stems. You’ll discover that you don’t even need to look very hard before you realise that actually, the world is still full of colour and life.

If you were keen and brought a taped-up plate, you can arrange things onto it as you walk, creating a mandala, a rainbow, a spiral or just a mishmash of colour. If you’ve just been stuffing your pockets, do yourself a favour and be sure to get it all out when you get home. Lay out your treasures in a little rainbow on a window ledge or on a dresser top.

Then, on your grey days, let your rainbow collection serve as a reminder of all of the beauty that is still to be found in the world.

This text is extracted from my forthcoming book, 100 Things to do in the Forest. Full details of the book can be found on Laurence King’s website. The text remains copyright of Jennifer Davis and Laurence King and may not be reprinted without permission. The hand drawn images are copyright Eleanor Taylor and Laurence King and may not be reused without permission. Pre-orders of the book are available on Amazon UK and Amazon in the USA.

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